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Bedsores are extremely painful and completely preventable with proper care. Sadly, many nursing home residents fall victim to nursing home neglect and develop these sores as a result of inadequate care and medical attention.

At the Smith Clinesmith LLP, our Dallas bedsore attorneys work diligently to evaluate nursing home abuse claims and build strong cases for those affected by abuse, mistreatment, or neglect. No matter what your case may be, we are here to fight for your rights. With offices in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago we represent clients nationwide.

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Causes of Bedsores

When a person spends an excessive period of time lying in the same position or on the same area of the body, bedsores can develop and worsen as more time passes. These sores can only be treated with constant care, which is something residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities can reasonably expect. Bedsores can be remedied with medication and bandaging if done so in a proper amount of time.

Residents who require assistance using the bathroom should be monitored closely. If a resident’s clothes are soiled, they should be changed quickly as to avoid the development of bedsores. Additionally, soiled clothing, especially those soiled with feces or urine, can make open wounds turn into bedsores.

Preventative Measures

Preventing bedsores in nursing homes infographic

There are many things nursing home staff and elderly caregivers can—and should do—to prevent bedsores. This is critical, as prevention is typically easier than treating bedsores once they have developed.

To prevent nursing home residents from developing bedsores, caregivers should:

  • Ensure residents are closely and constantly monitored
  • Immobile residents are moved and repositioned periodically
  • Pillow and pads are used to relieve pressure on body parts
  • Residents with urinary or fecal incontinence are changed on a regular basis
  • Medications are applied regularly if needed
  • Bandages are changed regularly

Are Bedsores Considered Neglect?

When the basic preventative care practices above are not followed, it is a form of negligence, and it's possible you may have a case for nursing home neglect. Residents who develop bedsores as a result of such negligence have the right to seek legal recourse from an attorney specializing in bedsore cases.

Common Areas Where Bedsores Develop

Where bedsores develop on the body directly relates to how a patient is positioned for a prolonged period of time. For example, a resident that has been confined to a seated position for a long period of time may develop bedsores on the tailbone, buttocks, legs, arm, spine, or around the shoulders. Residents can also develop bedsores on the rear or sides of the head, outer ears, lower back, hips, and other areas.

Stages of Bedsores

Bedsores come in various stages according to severity. Serious stages include:

  • Stage III Bedsore – A stage three bedsore is also known as a stage three pressure ulcer or decubitus ulcer. This occurs when the patient lies motionless for a long period of time, resulting in lesions and sores on the skin. If nursing home staff neglects to move immobile patients around frequently, it can lead to this time of painful bedsore.
  • Stage IV Bedsore – This stage of bedsore is the last and most severe. This type of bedsore is extremely dangerous and can be life-threatening for the elderly. The symptoms of this stage of bedsore includes: skin loss, damaged skin, damage to muscles, tendons, bones, and joints near the affected area and sometimes even sepsis.

The stages of bedsores vary from level one to level four. Do not wait until you reach the critical stage four of bedsores to contact our firm. Our firm handles serious bedsore cases that occur in nursing homes or other senior care facilities with 100% confidentiality.

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If you or your loved one developed bedsores while in a nursing home or another long-term care facility, you could have a case for nursing home neglect. Reach out to our Dallas bedsore lawyers to discuss your legal rights and options. We provide all of our clients with a free case evaluation over the phone or in person and will evaluate the details of your claim with complete confidentiality. Contact our firm in Dallas, Los Angeles, or Chicago today to see how we can help you. Smith Clinesmith LLP serves clients throughout the entire United States.

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