Frequently Asked Nursing Home Abuse Questions

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  • What is the difference between neglect and abuse?

    While it depends on the state, nursing home neglect is often defined as the failure to provide a resident with services essential to health and safety. This can include issues such as  dehydration or malnutrition, improper or lack of supervision, and a lack of proper medical care. If these failures are determined to be intentional, they will often be considered abuse. Nursing home abuse can also consist of physical or sexual abuse, as well as emotional or financial abuse.

  • How can we prove that nursing home abuse has taken place?

    Cases of neglect and abuse can sometimes be difficult to prove, but there are advantages in these types of cases. Nursing homes are medical facilities, which normally keep excellent records. In addition to this, we can consult with our team of forensic scientists, medical experts, and investigators.

  • What will happen to my loved one during the process?

    During the course of the lawsuit, we strongly recommend moving your loved one to a facility where he or she will receive more solidified care. With the decades of experience we have in this area, we can help you navigate the process of moving your loved one during the course of the lawsuit and after.

  • How much will it cost to hire your firm?

    With qualifying cases, we often work on a contingency basis, which means you are not expected to pay us a dime until we have secured your verdict or settlement.

  • Will we have to go to court?

    This will depend on the level of evidence we are able to compile and the chances the oppositions are willing to take in the courtroom. Many of these nursing homes do not want to make public their forms of abuse and are agreeable to an out-of-court settlement. A testimony by you or your loved one may be required, depending on the circumstances.

  • What if my case involves a wrongful death?

    If your case involves a wrongful death, we recommend getting in touch with a lawyer as soon as reasonably possible. While you are due your grieving period, nursing homes are known to destroy evidence, and the faster we can be aware of the situation, the more we can recover.

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